Can I fix my credit yourself?

Yes, it’s your right to do so. According to the Canada Consumer Protection Act (CPA), individuals have the right to protect themselves against creditors and credit bureaus. While you can try to fix your credit yourself,we recommend working with credit repair specialists who work with lawyers’ guidance to get the best possible outcome for you.

How can bad credit be legally repaired?

It is your right and responsibility to ensure that your credit report is accurate and up to date. As a consumer, if there is information on your credit report that is misrepresented or is not you, then you have the right to question that the delinquent information be removed from your credit record.

Do I still need to pay my bills?

Yes, absolutely. Our responsibility is to help you fix your past credit rating. If you happen to go into debt again, then you will continuously be working with us. Our objective is to help you repair your credit score and provide you with strategies to improve your credit continually.

Does paying my bills help to restore my credit?

Making sure that your bills are paid on time each month is critical for building your credit score. However, paying your bills will not erase bad credit from your record. Our clients enjoy working with us to tackle delinquent historical accounts, which will dramatically improve your credit rating.
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