Nab Solution

Simplifying Your Search for the Right Lender.

Find the best lending option available to you in 30 minutes or less.

How it works

Step 1

Credit Score Analysis

Credit Score Analysis: Whether you’re building
your credit through our program or already have a solid score, we start by understanding where you stand with your credit.

Step 2

Finding Your Match

Based on your credit status, we tap into our
network to find lenders across Canada who are
most likely to offer terms and rates suited to your profile in less than 30 minutes or less.

Step 3

Receive A Range of Options

We present you with diverse options based on your financial profile. Pick the lender best suited to your profile, and finalize your approval process with the loan provider in 30 minutes or less.

Understanding the types of Loans.

Our Lending Finder Program is specifically designed to navigate you through the myriad of lending options across Canada

Personal Loans.

  • Interest Rate: Expect a fixed rate around 34.99%.
  • Usage: Ideal for a variety of personal financial needs.

Equity Loans.

  • Interest Rate: Your APR will be between 7,99% and 24.99% based on Credutworthiness at the time of the application for loan terms of 36-84 months. For example, if you get approved for a $15,000 loan at 12,99% APR for a term of 72 months, you’ll pay just $301 per month.

  • Benefits: Tap into your home equity for more significant borrowing needs.

Responsible Repayment Planning.

Our role extends to helping you understand repayment schedules, which may include optional Loan Protection Plans for a more secure financial future.

Why choose NAB Solutions?

We are a team of dedicated credit repair professionals here to make your life easier.


NAB Solutions boasts a team of credit experts with extensive knowledge in Alberta financial domain. We understand the nuances and intricacies of the local credit system.


From simple credit repair to comprehensive Credit Repair Alberta, NAB Solutions offers it all. You don’t need to jump between providers; we have all the services you need under one roof.


We  believe in transparency. Clients are kept informed at every step, ensuring they understand the process and progress.

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