Do you currently not qualify for a loan or a credit card?

Do you suspect there are delinquent accounts on your credit report that are not justified? We are here so that bad credit does not have to ruin your life. With our credit repair services, your financial dreams are attainable.


What is your credit score costing you? Fixing your credit score can help you save thousands of dollars by avoiding high-interest rates!


Get a higher credit limit
Get instant approval for bigger loans
Benefit from negotiating power
Receive low or NO interest rate
Live the lifestyle you want!
Do you currently not qualify for a loan?

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Free Credit Consultation

We understand how frustrating, stressful and confusing fixing your credit can be. That is why we are here to help. Every day we help Canadians like you regain financial confidence with our credit repair services. A consultation is free, thus making your life easier. Schedule the most convenient time for you, and we will be happy to improve your credit rating!

In-Depth Credit Analysis

Meet with one of our professional credit repair specialists for customized,in-depth credit analysis. Learn what can and cannot be removed from your credit report. Learn exactly what your rights are and how you can become empowered to achieve a positive credit rating.

Custom Dispute Letters Submitted On Your Behalf

Firstly, we will need access to your Equifax and TransUnion credit reports to identify inaccurate claims damaging your credit rating and credit history. We then work with our in-house lawyers to carefully draft dispute letters on your behalf.
Secondly, it takes approximately 30 days for the credit bureaus to respond to our dispute letters. After 30 days, Equifax and TransUnion can either delete or maintain the subjected accounts. If the accounts were not deleted, we would then draft dispute letters to your creditors. The onus of proof is on the creditors to prove that you in fact opened the account.
Thirdly, the creditors have 30 days to provide evidence that demonstrates you physically and willingly opened such accounts. If the creditor refuses to provide any evidence, we prove that the evidence does not exist.
Fourthly, we then send the creditor's response to the credit bureaus indicating that the creditor failed to provide sufficient evidence. After 30 days, the delinquent accounts are removed from your credit history permanently.
This 4-part process is how NAB solutions legally and assertively work for you to remove negative accounts from your credit history. Our customized legal dispute letters are essential to improving bad credit and eliminating it for good.
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